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Style Icon: Kate Hudson

The Blonde One Was Called Freedom

I became enamored of Kate after seeing Almost Famous. Naturally, after watching Penny Lane’s nonchalance radiate from the screen, I was obsessed. She was so carefree, so sparkly. Real-life Kate doesn’t stray too far from the character she played onscreen. A self-proclaimed free spirit, she definitely has that hippie-chick meets rock-chick vibe down pat (with the help of her ever-present smile). And it doesn’t hurt that her figure can pretty much pull off anything due to her love of running, yoga, and Pilates.  On the street, she wears flowy dresses and skirts that match her laidback attitude. On the red carpet, she steps it up a notch by working in metallic accents for just the right amount of edge. Now if only Kate would just step away from the pile of romantic comedy scripts and bring back the sparkle of roles like Penny Lane. Her next two projects (Big Eyes and Nine) do not include Matthew Mcconaughey, weddings, or love ferns, so we’ll see what happens! Of course, I cannot leave out the fact that her iTunes celebrity playlist introduced me to one of my all-time favorite bands, Bon Iver. Kate’s a non-fiction Band-aid and has been spotted at music festivals, listing Arcade Fire and Coldplay as some of her favorites. When not at concerts, she is an activist in community service and has even developed an organic hair-care line with her hairstylist. I doubt I’m the only one to say that she is an all-around inspiration. From Kate’s perfect hair and relaxed style to her great taste in music and overall mantra, she’s become the quintessential modern bohemian icon.

Are you inspired by Kate’s style?



Title from “Stoned Immaculate” by The Doors


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