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Style Icon: Natalie Portman


She’ll Be Saving The World In Between Fashion Plates

Happy Earth Day everyone! To honor this environmental day I’ve decided to feature one particular actress who is truly making an eco-impact in the world. Natalie Portman is one of those celebrities who everybody seems to love. Whoever says, “Oh, that Natalie Portman with her Harvard degree, intelligent movie choices, and Veganism…yeah she doesn’t seem that cool”? The girl has it all and doesn’t appear to want to be in the spotlight all the time, which is incredibly admirable in the days of Perez Hilton and the tabloid frenzy. A vegetarian her whole life, Natalie also refuses to wear fur, feathers, or leather. She went above and beyond–like usual–(think shaven head for a movie role?!) by launching her own brand of vegan footwear with Té Casan. The world has taken notice, causing her to be named an ambassador to the relief program FINCA. There are a handful of other actresses who are stepping up their environmental and political game, too, such as Alicia Silverstone, yet what really makes me fall in love with Natalie’s career is her varied taste in movies. She appeals to the guys, to the girls, to the nerds, and to people with indie taste. She stars in three of my all time favorites: Closer, Garden State, and Black Swan. That scene in Closer on the crowded sidewalk had me listening to Damien Rice’s “The Blower’s Daughter” every time I walked around in public. To get back on track, Natalie even dresses as amazing as she acts. Though she sticks to a decidedly more ‘20s vibe with frocks and beaded headbands, she often rocks laidback and decidedly bohemian ensembles. She’s an icon for not only her style, but also for the positive way that she uses her fame.

Are you inspired by Natalie’s style?


Title from “Punishing Kiss” by Elvis Costello

4 thoughts on “Style Icon: Natalie Portman

  1. Oh, that Natalie Portman with her Harvard degree, intelligent movie choices, and Veganism…yeah she doesn’t seem that cool?

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