La Vie Links / Veg-Life

La Vie Links

Flower GirlThese links and strains of thought have been keeping me entertained during my night of self-elected insomnia…

  • Does it really take a supposed “pandemic” for people to start to question the type of food they eat? (Obviously, eating pigs is not the cause of swine flu, yet nevertheless bacon and sausages are not exactly doing the body any good.
  • For once, a high-fashion magazine showing us celebrities looking like real-live human beings.
  • Wow, I have only officially been eating vegetarian consistently for twelve days, but just look at what would happen if everyone in the US went veggie for one day.
  • Have you ever skimped on sleep with the reasoning that “I’ll just have an extra coffee today, obviously…” Yeah, so have I and maybe it’s time we both took this little quiz.
  • Ooh it’s about time someone filled me in on what podcasts I should care about!

Happy clicking!


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