And We Frolicked About In Our Summer Skin

Birds on wire

I woke up this morning with an overwhelming need for summer. Exams are over, and vacation has begun, yet I cannot wait for my favorite parts of the hot lazy days and warm, breezy nights to arrive.


So in no particular order, here are the fifteen best aspects of summer.

  1. Sundresses and sandals


2. Bonfires

3. Comfortably imbibing iced drinks

4. Reading for pleasure, sans highlighter/Sparknotes

5. Hunting for sea glass

6. Tie-dying shirts

7. Drive-in movies

8. Amusement parks


9. Ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, of course

10. Warm night guitar sessions

11. Jumping waves at the beach


12. Summer fruit (mmm peaches, plums, strawberries)

13. Sun-induced highlights (very recession-friendly)

14. Epic sunsets


15. The smell of the pavement after rain

dreamy summer


Title from “Summer Skin” by Death Cab for Cutie

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