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I Can Still See Yesterday Sailing Away

I’ve often noticed that my eye is drawn to classic stripes and lines of the whole nautical trend. Slightly counterintuitive to my usually more pattern, bohemian taste? Nah. These two can coexist, though seemingly opposing. Here are some love children of the nautical and bohemian styles.

1. Love the coral necklace matched with layered blues and mismatched browns.

2. Accessories and florals smooth the preppiness out of the classic stripe ensemble.

3. RACHEL BILSON knows how to wear sailboats without looking like a male toddler or a boating enthusiast.

4. Who would’ve thought to put a Dazed and Confused-esque crochet over a stripy top?

5. The necklace reminds me of seaweed…in a good way.

6. ALEXA CHUNG has perfected the nautical trend by not being too calculated.

7. GUCCI RESORT 2009 is all-white and sailor-esque.

8. KELLY RIPA translates the combination into corporate wear.


Title from “Red Light” by The Strokes

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