Hey It’s OK…

Are you faking a text message to avoid interaction, Ms. Bilson?

Are you faking a text message to avoid interaction, Ms. Bilson?


I like the Hey It’s OK lists from Glamour magazine, as long as they are not actually patronizing in tone but rather a cute way of pointing things everyone does and no one talks about. Inspired by the magazine, here’s a little list of my own:


  • To ask every one of your friends for advice, then do exactly what you would’ve done pre-advice.
  • To take the bigger piece and hand them theirs before they see, always.
  • To tune out right after someone says, “Oh my god, I had such a weird dream last night…”
  • To be able to fall asleep immediately after flipping the pillow over to the “cold side.”
  • To hate running into an acquaintance in public again after you’ve already said hello/conversed briefly.
  • To say it’s homemade (you opened the box, you mixed the mix).
  • To correct people who mispronounce your name.
  • To have to sing the alphabet a little bit in your head to know what order the letters go in
  • To try on 87 pairs of shoes and only buy one…on sale
  • To Google an ex or a crush or their girlfriend or best friend or…at 2 AM.
  • That you’ve lied through your teeth to pronounce an outfit “surprisingly totally comfy.”
  • To really enjoy crying at the movies, as in full-scale sobbing.
  • To communi-fake by texting in order to get out of talking or making eye contact with someone.
  • To hoard Splenda packets from Starbucks/Dunkies/the dining hall.
  • To never quite figure out what to do with the back of your hair or make it look half as good as the front.
  • To take all the credit.
  • To say, “Oh, it’s vintage” when someone compliments you on the Old Navy sundress you’ve been wearing since 9th grade.


Inspired by a Glamour magazine column

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