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Desperately Seeking Serena


You don’t see Blake Lively on the cover of US Weekly for an eating disorder, or a drug addiction, or anything negative at all. For once, she’s living in the spotlight right now for choices like Gossip Girl! How rare! She didn’t even have eight children and get a divorce for her fifteen minutes. Good for you, Blake.


All the styling on the set of Gossip Girl must be carrying over to her real-life style mantra, because she looks great! All though, for the record, that daring orange dress was rocked pre-CW hit show…so maybe it’s raw fashion sense. But anyway, Blake shows that she can rock the jeans and well-cut jackets while not even on prime time. She chooses daringly bright colors, which works for her and shows off her confidence. I love her street style uniform of neutral tops and denim bottoms with gladiators and a messenger bag, comfy but boho-chic, for sure. And her red-carpet choices never fail to please either, with her interesting picks of cut, color, and texture.



In the book series, Serena was described as being a lot more bohemian than they make her in the show. She was often even said to always make the room fill with the smell of patchouli. In the television series, the creators have said that her style is modeled after one model in particular—Kate. They uniform her in Moss-like attire which is essentially fashion-forward laced with vintage pieces for a look that is boho-chic with a rocker edge. Thus, she dons skinny jeans and boots as her day to day attire. And when she goes for glam, she does it well and unfussily. As for accessories it’s all about the layered necklaces and the stacked bangles a la Moss herself. It all looks very easy, just like the fashionista her fashion was inspired by. Unlike her over-styled counterpart, Blair Waldorf, Serena always looks like she didn’t stand in front of the mirror for two hours, in a good way.



Title from the title of Gossip Girl episode 16, 23

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