Ideas for Summer on Little Money

Kate Hudson picnic[source]

  1. Host a potluck dinner at your house:  Go to the grocery store with your friends. Make everyone pitch in some money buy all the necessities for the desired meal. To create some restaurant ambience, light some candles and make some cocktails and Sangria.
  2. Have a board game night. Stop rolling your eyes. Apples to Apples, Cranium, Balderdash, Taboo: these games are EXCELLENT timewasters. If this still bores you, try a rousing game of tipsy Apples to Apples. It really does the trick. One weekend morning I woke up with a stack of Apples to Apples playing cards in my clutch, which still remains a mystery.
  3. Spend a day taking pictures. The longer you spend, the artsier they will get. And if and when they are still relatively unimpressive…Picnik them on Facebook! Then make photo collages to hang up on your bleak dorm room walls this fall.
  4. Go shopping! Counterintive, yes, but how about a thrift store?! I have been shopping at Goodwill and Salvation Army a lot this summer. If you really set your mind to it at these stores, you can come out with some gems.
  5. Redbox! It costs less than a coffee!
  6. Pack a picnic and go to the park. Bring a Frisbee and a kickball for the guy friends. Eat your meal together then laze around in the sun. Sounds lovely to me!
  7. Tie-dye. Enough said.
  8. In the mood to cozy up with a shiny new magazine? Step away from the drugstore aisle and hunker down at the good old library. Read your magazines there and treat yourself to an Arnold Palmer.
  9. Take a long, long, long walk. Preferably take this walk around Boston. Always kills my boredom! People-watching is one of the only sports I’ve mastered.
  10. Watch a sunrise or sunset from beginning to end.

Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom in Elizabethtown watching sunrisePeace,

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