Not Much Heart To Fight Black Coffee

Really cute coffee cups

Coffee is good great for you.

According to just about everyone…

The average cup of coffee has hundreds of different chemical compounds. Maybe that’s why news reports about coffee vacillate between lauding its health benefits and labeling it harmful. Still, the benefits of coffee seem to outweigh the negatives. To name just a few: Some Arizona researchers recently discovered that caffeinated coffee helps improve memory in older adults. A new study from the United Kingdom suggests that small amounts of coffee consumed throughout the day can increase alertness and improve performance on all kinds of tasks, including those that require hand-to-eye coordination and attention to detail. Preliminary studies suggest regular coffee drinking may lower risk of type 2 diabetes.”

“After 30 years of research, it’s been proven that caffeine before a workout can make you faster and improve your athletic performance. Between one to five milligrams of caffeine per kilo of body weight can help to improve your performance by up to five percent. However, nine mg of caffeine per kilo can actually decrease your performance, so don’t go overboard.  Recent research shows significant evidence that caffeine before exercise results in reduced soreness.”

That’s it, I’m heading to Dunkin’ Donuts.


Title from “Black Coffee” by Ray Charles

One thought on “Not Much Heart To Fight Black Coffee

  1. I just had a latte that looks exactly like that with the pretty leaf at Urth Cafe! sooo good! i’m glad it’s provin’ that coffee is good for you otherwise I’d be seriously endangering my health. I can’t wait to be back in Boston and go to Dunkin with you!

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