Monthly Inspiration Boards

October 2009 Inspiration Board

October Inspiration Board

[clockwise from top left corner]

1. .PRETTY TATTOOS. Models are technically supposed to be “clean slates” but I love love so many of their inkings.

2. .HALLOWEEN. What to be?! Tell me your favorite past costumes! I’m stuck between two.

3. .DREE HEMINGWAY. She’s the grandbaby of, oh I don’t know, some guy name Ernest.

4. .GIRLFRIENDS. How true is it that an experience doesn’t feel real or really hit you until told to your closest friends?

5. .LOVE STORY. A chick flick that makes me sob incessantly. I’m a college girl in Boston who does not see this magic happen.

6. .OMBRE MANICURES. An interesting alternative…I think I might try it.

7. .BOOTS. Once the clock strikes October, I pretty much wear boots of varying non-Ugg varieties.

8. .TALITHA GETTY. The self-appointed queen of Bohemia and hedonism, ending in tragic results.

9. .THROW PILLOWS. Because they even look adorable in dorm rooms.

10. .HAMSA PEACE SYMBOLS. Just got a bracelet like this and saw a really well-done tattoo version.

11. .CANDY CORN. My mom is candy corn’s #1 fan. More than a handful makes me feel sick, but that first handful is fall perfection.

12. .BON IVER. Cannot remember the last time I fell asleep without listening to this…which is what I am about to do…


5 thoughts on “October 2009 Inspiration Board

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  2. aw i loved this inspiration board! i listen to bon iver virtually every night too….

    and as for the “but it goes with everything!” you are so right. the things i say that about don’t go with a single thing and are so outrageous. i think it’s more that i really need to justify buying them… and wearing them even though they don’t match a thing. ;)

    i’m hoping for a boston trip. the danis could rock out.

  3. pretty tattoos, hamsa hand symbols, Dree Hemingway, girlfriends!…I think we’re on the same brain wave this month! speaking of tattoos we need to go get them ASAP

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