Monday Playlists

Monday Playlist

Tuesday Songs to Download

These songs are all a part of my current “Chasing Pavements” (trekking to class) playlist.

1. “Fences” by Phoenix

2. “Swing” by Zero 7

3. “Warwick Avenue” by Duffy

4. “In For The Kill” by La Roux

5. “Boat Behind” by Kings of Convenience

Hope you enjoy them! Tell me what you’ve been listening to!


4 thoughts on “Monday Playlist

  1. Excuse the excess of comments! Great playlist, though.

    I’ve been listening to a lot of The Kills, Juliette Lewis (not that crazy about the new album, though!) and The Noisettes.

    I always like seeing your playlists! ;)

  2. so what is funny about this is that the ipod photo you used is the one I actually have and still use. actually using it as i type. First generation… i like to call it my “vintage” ipod (: it was gifted to me… just cant get rid of it.

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