In The Weeds

We Waited 30 min, no service


Things have been a little “weedy” this week. I am all over the place. For those of you who have never worked in the restaurant biz, being in the weeds is when you are near or beyond your capacity to handle a situation or cannot catch up [with tables, etc.]

So here’s a little ode to the restaurant business where I truly believe everyone should work at least once. Gives you social perspective.

Keri Russell in Waitress

Jennifer Aniston as hostess in Office Space, pieces of flair

Pieces of flair, anyone?

Norah Jones, waitress in My Blueberry Nights

Time for bed. 86 energy.


4 thoughts on “In The Weeds

  1. Hey girl! Nice pics! You said it, i don´t think you´d have a much better social perspective than working in a restaurant. I love My Blueberry Nights sooo much! And the one of Keri Russell is a good one. She bakes according to her moods ;) There´s another one with Sarah Michell Gellar called “Simply Irresistible”, a romantic comedy mixed with baking which i liked as well. I´m kind of hungry, now! ;) Peace!

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