La Vie Looks of the Week

La Vie Looks Of The Week

These ladies got it so it right this week. Interested to know your thoughts and favorites!

Sienna Miller, Diane Kruger, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie outfits

1. SIENNA MILLER goes Anita on us.

2. DIANE KRUGER becoming a Greek meets Preppy vision.

3. JESSICA ALBA sporting adorable riding boots.

4. NICOLE RICHIE looking So-Cal.

Molly Sims, Kate Bosworth, Elle Macpherson, Olivia Palermo outfits

5. MOLLY SIMS in lovely sparkled embroidery.

6. KATE BOSWORTH reminds me of Gatsby’s Daisy/Margot Tenenbaum.

7. ELLE MACPHERSON knows how to take the best of sixties and seventies styling.

8. OLIVIA PALERMO puts a Victorian spin on corporate dressing.


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