Monthly Inspiration Boards

November 2009 Inspiration Board

November 2009 Inspiration Board

[clockwise from top left corner]

1. .MERMAID HAIR. Not particularly seasonal, but the wind tunnel that is Comm. Ave. will keep my hair tousled, salt air or not!

2. .WARM GLOVES. [See ‘t aforementioned wind tunnel].

3. .NATURAL DECOR. Bringing nature indoors is too pretty.

4. .KATE BOSWORTH. Missing her Blue Crush days, but loving her ever-exciting outfit choices.

5. .FAUX-FUR. Ever since my Halloween stint as Penny Lane, I’ve been enthralled by this trend.

6. .THANKSGIVING. My first Turkey day sans turkey. Wish me luck!

7. .OBAMA CUTENESS. Petting puppies, playing peekaboo with babies. Our president is adorable.

8. .AMANDA SEYFRIED. My Mamma Mia fave has some adorable style, doesn’t she?

9. .THRIFT SHOPPING. This darling dearie has it right: “experience clothing” is so much more exciting.

10. .VESTS. This item is in uncharted territory for me. I tread carefully.

11. .MOD. Long sleeved mini dresses, please.

12. .PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. No, the T isn’t inspiring me…entertaining me? Well, naturally.


2 thoughts on “November 2009 Inspiration Board

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