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Exploring Boston Part II


South Street Diner

Boston is very far from being the city that never sleeps. It’s more like the city that shuts down around you while you are overcaffeinated or just trying to keep the night going a little longer! Enter stage left: South Street Diner. Well-known around Boston and even featured in the movie 21, this adorable 24/7 joint literally made a recent Thursday’s adventure much more memorable! It’s tiny and dimly lit. And the options are endless. My table consumed (respectively) a Belgian waffle, some turkey wraps, and a veggie burger. Delicious and spontaneous. Stumble in during your next 2 am food craving.

Get here: Take the Red Line to South Station. It’s located across the street at 178 Kneeland St.

South Street Diner Boston


The 139 Coffee House in Cambridge

1369 has the makings of my new favorite coffee place. Friendly staff, interesting patrons, and great coffee. The noise level was perfect for studying or chatting, and both provide for ample eavesdropping on some deep conversations. The shop brews three dozen varieties of coffee and tea from around the world, as well as homemade muffins and cookies baked by local bakers. Plus, on my first trip here, I failed to notice the handwritten “cash only” sign before paying. Upon brandishing my credit card, the cute and friendly cashier let me run down the street to the nearest ATM. I’m sold.

Get here: Take the Red Line to Central. It’s located at 757 Massachusetts Ave.

1369 Cambridge


Oona's thrift in Harvard Square

This consignment store is stuffed to the gills with good finds. The piles upon piles of clothing is not all filler: the tiny store has some concentrated gems! The staff even helped me think of DIY projects for unwearable but potential-possessing garments. Among our finds: paisley scarf, brocade skirt, and printed skirt for me, and for a friend–sunglasses and a [definitely real] Chanel bag. Success!

Get here: Take the Red Line to Harvard. It’s located at 1210 Massachusetts Ave.

Oona's experienced clothing


Border Cafe in Cambridge

While you are all tuckered out from your vintage scouring, head down the street to this Tex-Mex joint. My mom and I discovered the one in Saugus (it’s a small chain) and I’ve been dragging friends here ever since. The atmosphere is loud and fun with delicious food and a whole page of vegetarian options! CAVEAT: Your table will inevitably devour two of the baskets of tortilla chips. They’re warm and delicious and are served with homemade salsa. Accept this fact and get over it.

Get here: Take the Red Line to Harvard. It’s located at 32 Church Street.

Border Cafe in Harvard Square

For more ideas: check out part one of this series!


8 thoughts on “Exploring Boston Part II

  1. Loved these pics, girl!!!! Never been to Boston but wanna get there asap! You got some lovely cute places there. Look pretty bohemian to me or maybe it´s just how i see everything, hahaha! Anyway, they look perfect! Thanks for the info! Peace! ;)

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