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Style Icon: Isabel Lucas

Sees In The Pool Her Own Reflection

A native of Australia, Isabel Lucas has been on the Hollywood scene for only a year. She’s already scored roles in the Transformers and Daybreakers. And though I have of course seen neither of these, this is one new it girl who is on the brink of making it.

Isabel has a beachy, casual style that has Australia written all over it. From flowing skirts and sundresses to casual loafers, she looks much more herself in street style.

This particular fashionista held my interest for another reason in addition to her bohemian wardrobe. She is also highly involved in environmental activism. Fun fact: the girl has an outstanding Japanese arrest warrant for her involvement in a whaling protest alongside Hayden Panettiere. A sense of style and conscience=my new style muse.

Are you inspired by Isabel’s style?



Title from ” Golden Earth Girl” by Paul Mccartney

3 thoughts on “Style Icon: Isabel Lucas

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  2. The typical natural beauty, in contrast to the typical hollywood fabricated image. A nice development in my opinion:) love what she is wearing in the last picture <3

    Also, nice blog!

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