11 Ways To Make Your Holiday Season Less Greedy


Thanksgiving is over. It’s time for the holiday season! I am now allowing myself to listen  to Christmas music. Starting: now.

Here are some easy easy ways to be a good person during the next month:

1. Donate your old books to hospitals or libraries.


2. Regift the remnants left on giftcards as donations to your fave charity at

3. Tend a garden by giving $5 to to buy seeds for enough veggies to feed a struggling family of seven.


4. Fight hunger and malnutrition by giving $1 to which gives vitamins to kids in poor parts of the US, Honduras, and Haiti.

5. Click around at Literally, CLICKING will help.

6. I don’t care how peaceful and against the war we are.  Send a free holiday card to soldiers who won’t be spending Xmas morning cozy and warm. Go to

7. Stop Googling and Wikiprusing and use Goodsearch instead. Same results, but it will also send money to causes of your choice.

8. Stock a fridge by giving a measly buck to The donation will supply a family with 9 pounds of groceries.

9. DO NOT WRAP YOUR PRESENTS THIS YEAR. Alternatives: newspaper, magazine collages, wallpaper.

10. $1 at…a US nonprofit will feed 4 Tanzanian kids a healthy brekky.

11. Play some trivs at Be your answer right or wrong, a puppy will still be less hungry.


Please do atleast one of these. I promise it will make you feel less materialistic this season.


Inspired by an article in Glamour magazine

9 thoughts on “11 Ways To Make Your Holiday Season Less Greedy

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  2. Love this idea! I’m actually going to donate our old electronics to a charity in town when we replace them, you get a tax receipt for the value and someone who really needs them gets them!

  3. this is such a lovely list of holiday goodness. this is such a great season and i love all the good that comes from it. best wishes! thanks for these positive gift ideas. :)
    peace & love!

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  6. Donate unwanted holiday gifts.

    Make Xmas decorations with your kids. They’ll cherish the memory forever.

    Send Xmas e-cards or make them out of scraps.

    Use old cards or wrapping paper to make labels on presents (or just a gold marker pen)

    Always recycle or donate. It’s good for your soul as well as being green.

    Read stories to children. Just making Youtube videos of you reading your favourite children’s classics brings joy to people. At least once a week, I get a heartwarming message from someone who’s enjoyed my reading. It lifts your day and you lift theirs.

    Help a kid with their homework on Yahoo Answers. I absolutely melted when I surprised my boyfriend (now husband) doing this.

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