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Six Winter Style Essentials

Photo of myself and her by [her]


There is nothing worse than facing the cold with wet hair. But, it’s 8 AM. You’re hair is so dirty it’s almost clean again. Enter stage left: the beanie. Cozy and adorable, this cold weather accessory has concealed some of my laziest beauty days.


But now it’s 8:30. An obligatory coffee detour has cut your schedule a little too close for comfort. Not the time for some stylish booties or blister-inducing flats. Give me a no-frills pair of Fryes  (or its Target lookalikes) and I promise I will haul my caffeinated self to my destination on time.


Ever step out the door in late winter only realize to that your life-stifling boredom has turned your wardrobe black? Monochrome has its time and place and the bleak winter landscape is not it. Energize your outfit and maybe even your mood with some pops of texture or color. The printed scarf is the easiest fix. The draping options are innumerable and the effect is immediate. Plus, cold necks are the worst.


One good coat is just simply not enough. Every day you can pick out the world’s most adorable winter outfit, but what do you inevitably have to conceal it with? Your outerwear. I have me a puffer, a belted swing coat, a trench–-all perfect to have in stock. But, only with the addition of a toggle jacket will I finally be content with my coat rotation. While I’ll keep scanning the local thrift racks, let the ladies below convince you to do the same.


This one goes without saying. The more items, the less freezing-ness. And if anything spells out bohemian winter, it’s carelessly haphazard layering.


The Scandinavian sweater is a warm, cabin-fever trend that keeps catching my eye. It’s another piece I’m planning to obtain by means of my trusty local Goodwill. Though I admit Diane does it the best, also note the fearlessness that is Rihanna–singlehandedly killing two trends with one stone (fair isle and poncho). Brave woman.

Stay warm!


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