Monthly Inspiration Boards

December 2009 Inspiration Board

[clockwise from top left corner]

1. .TWINKLE LIGHTS. Just pretty. That’s it.

2. .SNOW. I love how snow is novel at the start of every winter. How quickly that changes.

3. .BLAKE LIVELY. Gorgeous, of course, and hosted one of the best SNL episodes in a while.

4. .LYRICS. These words are from “Cosmic Love” by Florence + the Machine.

5. .CHRISTMAS. The season, when not over-stressed or hyper-commercialized, is magical.

6. .EVERGREENS. Blame it on my environmental science exam today. Gotta love these before they’re deforested.

7. .CRAFTS. Exchanging homemade prezzies with a best friend…wish me luck and give me ideas!

8. .KIRSTEN DUNST. If she inspires Sophia, then she inspires me, too.

9. .TRAINS. There’s something about a relaxing train ride that has me always opting to publicly transport myself.

10. .KNEE SOCKS. Leave a cozy pair sticking out over the top of boots. Draws the eye to your boot confident stride.

11. .BAND POSTERS. From vintage Dylan fliers to cuties like these, I want some for my dorm!

12. .THEATERS. Beautiful architecture and an artistic history. My local favorite is the Boston Opera House.


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