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10 Things I Love Tuesday: Christmas Style






Don’t think the latter of the two is very Santa-friendly. Silly Swedes.


(Eco-friendly, of course.)





I simply cannot get sick of these three films. Year after year, I’m pretty sure they get better.




^This site has some spectacular Bostonian photography.







Hm…I wonder why those big blow up lawn decorations aren’t on this list…




I’m sorry; I had to. It’s a disorder.


And pretty pretty snow in general.

Hope everyone has a lovely day full of shopping and holiday goodness!

And, hopefully you’re making up for the hyper-commercialism by being a good person this season!


30 thoughts on “10 Things I Love Tuesday: Christmas Style

  1. Beautiful thoughts! My mind moved from the depressing state of the nation to recall the beautiful thoughts of Christmas–snow, fire, candy, most especially Starbucks, and my personal favorite, “It’s A Wonderful Life.” No matter how far we advance technilogically it’s the old black and white movies that still steal our hearts. Merry Christmas!

  2. yes I would have to say that a festive beverage is on my “10 things i Love about Christmas” and also of course, a white christmas! I think it’s cute how you added Christmas at Hogwarts :)

  3. This entry gave me goosebumps…and while I’ve already overcome a lot of my aversions to Christmas, this made me love this time of year that much more :). Thank you for sharing this!!!

  4. I absolutely love this blog and the pictures.
    Yummy food, warm colorful homes, snow, and movies… You’ve officially lifted up my Christmas spirits.

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  6. Lovelovelove this. Makes me feel more festive! I watched It’s a Wonderful Life the other night, and was (as always) on the verge of tears. The perfect movie to make you appreciate life a little more, xox.

  7. For the movies, I love “A Christmas Story” and “Home Alone”…
    I leave in Atlanta… haven’t seen White Christmas for a while… really want to go to north for White Christmas someday…

  8. Hahaha “silly Swedes.” I’m sure if Santa were a priority in Scandinavia, the Swedes would definitely have found a way to make it happen with elegance and ingenuity.

    Also, I just watched It’s a Wonderful Life for the first time, and I’m nearly 30. How embarrassing, but better late than never. I do have my own Christmastime favorite, and that’s Little Women (the Winona Ryder version). So warm and glowingly happy.

  9. That’s such a nice post ! Love the pics. I have been drinking Second Cup London Fogs for the past month, I don’t tire of it. I have to look up the movie with Zooey Deschanels, I don’t know what it is. My Christmas movies are Anne of Green Gables and Bridget Jones.

  10. What’s not to like about Christmas! Lovely post. These days I live in a place where it doesn’t snow, but when I was little, Christmas was always white. The memories I associate with those years define Christmas for me. Thanks for posting photos of the things I miss most: fairy lights at dusk, snow crunching under my feet, and a warm house full of wonderful food smells, and a cat curled in my lap. The colors alone transport me miles and miles and years and years away :)

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