La Vie Looks of the Week

La Vie Looks Of The Week

1. KATE BOSWORTH stays cozy in opaques and some  festive red flannel.

2. EVA MENDES goes mod in opaques and a mini dress.

3. ISABEL LUCAS is her ever-laidback self in basics.

4. JENNIFER GARNER with some Native American jewelry and a very me lower half ensemble.

5. NICOLE RICHIE demonstrates how street chic rock and roll can be.

6. SARAH JESSICA PARKER puts the boho in an all-black ensemble.

7. RACHEL MCADAMS looking rugged in a Smythe military coat, paisley scarf, and LL Bean boots.

8. NAOMI WATTS is my “going to class” twin.


2 thoughts on “La Vie Looks Of The Week

  1. So I understand that this is sort of the point of these looks, but I’m on the fence a bit on some of them, because they kind of straddle that delicate line between “effortless chic” and “perhaps a bit sloppy.” I’m also starting to get over the whole skinny pants/leggings/tights and boots thing.

    I do love Eva Mendes’ satiny blazer though, and how she dressed it down!

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