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I Like It In The City When the Air Is So Thick And Opaque

You truly know the impact of an item of clothing when you find yourself washing it quickly in the sink and blow-drying it just to complete your outfit.  Due to a combination of the freezing Boston winter and my affinity for not wearing jeans, my abundant dresses and skirts simply do not work without a good pair of tights–opaque tights, specifically. My favorite ones hail from a luxurious store by the name of Target. (These have even fared better than the beloved Hue brand.) Opaques are stream-lined and surprisingly warm and look chic with some boots and a great coat.  I honestly have no idea what I would wear if I didn’t have a pair of these to glue my look together.

Shoes can either blend with the dark opaques (a la Kate Hudson’s black boots and Ginnifer Goodwin’s black pumps) or serve as an unexpected pop of color (a la Milla Jovovich’s red heels and Molly Sims’ silver flats).

Ginnifer Goodwin’s outfit here is typical me. Love the low-slung belt over tunic look of model Julia Stegner and ate Moss here. And how adorable is the dainty floral meets tough tights and combat boots of Diane Kruger?

Milly and Nanette Lepore integrate opaque tights into their very intricate ensembles.


Title from “Hometown Glory” by Adele

9 thoughts on “I Like It In The City When the Air Is So Thick And Opaque

  1. HELL, YEAH! Tights are an extension of myself, hahahah! Black tights to be precise that match my little vintage dresses! Winter is perfect for this combo! ,9

    From these inspirations, i choose Sienna and Kate, my favs, of course! But you already knew that, right? ;) And Zooey, just soooo lovely!


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  6. Yes opaques tights look good withskirts. Hav yiou ever tried wearing woolen tights, they are even warmer, I wear them int he really cold weather myself and they look and feel chic.

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