The Meet-Cute

I wish these moments were more abundant in my own life. These “meet-cutes” where two people become acquainted by means of a random occurrence or coincidence of time or place.  Be it simply waiting in line or be it nearly drowning in the Aegean, these are new beginnings.  And I am all about that right now. Here’s to a year of more random happenings like these.

What are other meet-cutes in film or in your life? Do tell.


14 thoughts on “The Meet-Cute

  1. This is a sweet post, I love random moments! I met one of my close friends while on a bus that got into an acident with a truck, everyone fell on the floor, her & I were the only ones standing. we got off & walked together, we’ve been friends since, 14 yrs now! :-)

  2. I once dated a fellow I met on a greyhound bus. I was sitting on this bus a thousand miles from home when a young fellow asked if I would mind if he sat with me. He was cute. I said no, not at all. Then we completely ignored each other for the next hour, though I did steal peeks at his book. When we got on the ferry we began talking, and discovered we lived within two hours of each other and were both academic creatures… :)

  3. I was once in a random $2 dollar shop and I was browsing at some cheap cards. On top of this shop was a set of apartment and as I was shopping this guy carrying a large sports bag came down the stairs. He was absolutely gorgeous. He then stopped and looked at me and said ‘god you are so beautiful’. My heart fell to the floor and I was speechless. He then quickly left the shop. I then went to the shop owner and asked who was that guy who came down from the stairs. He had no idea and was curious. It turned out that he had robbed one of the units upstairs!! I was 16 years old when this happened and now I am 30 years old. Every now and then I think about him and his large eyes. Yet its that feeling of my heart falling to the floor. It was the most memorable encounter i have ever ever had and will have in my whole life…. my husband does not know about him and my friends dismiss it as a load of bullshit

  4. This is an EXTRA CUTE post, darling! Too many of my favs! Romeo and Juliet, too many smiles and stares and the one of 500 days of summer. Yep, music can help you with those “meet cutes”. Music ALWAYS helps! but i have to admit my fav is the one of The Notebook. An adorable unique love story between Noah and Allie! I love these random happenings!That´s fate working all right! ;) Peace!

  5. So adorable! My meet cute was that my husband was the teaching assistant for one of my university classes, and when we started dating it was kind of totally dreamy =)

  6. This post was adorable, but it’s even more fun reading people’s real life meet cutes!
    I think you captured all of my film favorites.
    Your blog is so gorgeous, I’m so glad you found me!
    I can’t wait to read it all!

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  8. Okay, there are a few select blogs out there I get hooked on, and yours in one of them! I love your post ideas, this one especially! I may have to theme my blog, like yours has a theme, or Julie’s in Julie & Julia, it seems to make things more fun.

    I wish I had a great personal “Meet Cute” to share, but Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist is definitely a great addition to your movie list! I wish I had more of these in my life as well.

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