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Haiti Help


With the death toll in Haiti passing 50,000, the world has turned to action.  Amidst all of this sadness, the good samaritan responses of many organizations have been heart-warming.  American airlines is transporting doctors and nurses to Haiti for free. There’s a pending motion to halt all deportations of illegal Haitian immigrants due to the tragically unstable state of their homeland. Yesterday, UPS didn’t charge for shipping on all Haiti-bound packages under fifty pounds.  The World Bank is providing a $100 million grant, and the United Nations is sending $10 million.  Sweden is rebuilding a base to replace the UN’s destroyed headquarters.Logan Airport waived landing fees for humanitarian flights stopping in Boston to refuel on their way to Haiti.  The Irish telecommunications company Digicel said it would donate $5 million and help repair the phone network that is keeping many families from knowing the fate of their loved ones.

How to help in slightly smaller but still important ways:

Donate to any of these organizations or these.

And if possible donate blood, of course.

Look, the sweet George Clooney is helping.

Especially this Boston-based organization started by the amazing Paul Farmer.

Text HAITI to 90999 to send a $10 donation to the Red Cross.

Stay up to date on the situation in Haiti with NPR.


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