The Newspaper Resoution


***I’ve postponed this project to next year due to extreme fickleness.

WEEKLY RESOLUTION: Read the print newspaper everyday.

As an aspiring public relations professional, I have become quite aware that being aware is the biggest tool for my future career. The importance of staying in the know and up to date with the world around me has been emphasized by every PR authority I’ve come into contact with.  So this leaves me to decide on what the medium for my news absorption should be. I’ve dabbled in radio and I always check my trusty online spots throughout the day. But never do I feel so thoroughly informed as I do when I read a tangible newspaper.  And thus, this habit is one I plan on sticking to long past this week is over.

In other news (pun obviously intended) I’ve been on the dark side before: I used to work at a newspaper. I know the ins and outs of what goes into an issue before it goes to press. And after my experiences, I have no envy for those who plan to enter the journalism sphere. I’ll continue to let my only newspaper interaction be buying and perusing, thank you very much.

How do you get your news?


One thought on “The Newspaper Resoution

  1. I listen to NPR on my way to and from work…during the week that’s pretty much my only news outlet. On the weekends I try to read the local paper.

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