Monday Playlists

Monday Playlist: The Cover Edition

When you’re looking for new music, sometimes you only have to look as far as changing the artist of the song.

Click to download the song to your iTunes library.

1. Rogue Wave covering “Everyday” (Buddy Holly)

2. Coldplay covering “Songbird” (Oasis)

3. Vampire Weekend covering “Everywhere” (Fleetwood Mac)

4. Florence + the Machine covering “Postcards from Italy” (Beirut)

5. Dr. Dog covering “Heart It Races” (Architecture in Helsinki)

6. Michael Stipe and Chris Martin covering “In The Sun” (Joseph Arthur)

7. First Aid Kit covering “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” (Fleet Foxes)

8. The Shins covering “We Will Become Silhouettes” (The Postal Service)

9. Lissy Trullie covering “Ready for the Floor” (Hot Chip)

10. Slightly Stoopid covering “Sun Is Shining” (Bob Marley)

What are some amazing cover songs you love?


3 thoughts on “Monday Playlist: The Cover Edition

  1. One of my favorite covers ever is Pearl Jam covering Dock of the Bay. I also like Ryan Adams covering Wonderwall, and Jamie Cullum covering Radiohead’s High and Dry.

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