La Vie Looks of the Week

La Vie Looks Of The Week

1. KIRSTEN DUNST disproves the rule about black and brown.

2. LAUREN CONRAD goes the psychedelic mod route.

3. HILARY DUFF with a fringe purse I would like to steal.

4. JENNIFER GARNER wearing my go-to outfit (all I need is that chambray top).

5. SIENNA MILLER in opaque tights and an adorable mini dress.

6. WHITNEY PORT is a vision in dusty neutrals.

7. ANNE HATHAWAY in a collegiate ensemble of cardi, skinnies, scarf, and shades.

8. RACHEL BILSON dresses like an East-coaster for once.

Who is your favorite?


6 thoughts on “La Vie Looks Of The Week

  1. Im loving Kirsten’s outfit b/c brown is my obsession, but Lauren’s dress is pretty sweet too…ms Garner looks very young in this get up-likes it!

  2. i think kirsten is actually my favorite…

    was just looking at your post below – those top hat lights are SO GREAT(!!!!) I want them.

    i wasn’t a big fan of ‘away we go’… i was superrrr disappointed because i loved all the main actors and, like you said, it was so beautifully shot. i just didn’t think the story was very well-told, and i thought that there was a lack of chemistry between maya and john. oh well.

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