La Vie Links

La Vie Links


  • Women’s response video to the anti-female “Man’s Last Stand” Superbowl commercial.
  • Drink beer for stronger bones…
  • The Shining reimagined as a family comedy.
  • As a student Boston University with a female-heavy population, I most definitely agree with this new phenomenon.
  • This is an interesting take on how men perceive fashion.
  • Lou Doillon is beautiful in this Vanessa Bruno Spring 2010 promo.
  • The answer to the question: what is sustainable fashion?
  • DIY hidden treasure box, aww.


3 thoughts on “La Vie Links

  1. Thanks for posting those links! Especially the feminist ones. The “Man’s Last Stand” commercial made my mouth drop.

    You know, I think it’s really a grasp at whatever they can get at this point. “Men” are definately scared of our power as women. A study just came out recently stating that now it’s more financially beneficial for MEN to marry WOMEN, than women marrying men. Women are growing in pay faster than men, and we’re gaining more education. Nothing can stop us now!

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