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8 thoughts on “Fall 2010 Collections I Love (Part II)

  1. Im still stunned that fashion industry is considering her skinny size 4 to be too fat…its nothing more than alarming & Im happy to hear that she’s taking a stand!

  2. I am and am not surprised. As Bryna said, it is bulls**t. Size 4 is nromal and fine, if not on the smaller end of average. The fashion industry needs to take a look in the mirror and at the girls, teens, and women their clothes and models are affecting. Those who look up to models realize they have to starve themselves to be a size 0, if they aren’t naturally. It’s pathetic and ridiculous these people look for full grown women who are toothpicks to be the face of an industry many young females look up, and then turn around and call them fat. Not healthy.

  3. I agree. It’s amazing that anyone could call Coca Rocha fat! And if that’s what fat looks like then who wants to be skinny. Coca is gorgeous! Those size zero models look like they have some disease. It’s not beautiful in the least.

  4. If Coco Rocha is fat, then the entire female population is beyond obese. That’s ridiculous!!

    PS: I am also a Boston blogger. Going to add you to my Beantown blogroll :) And we have a similar-ish blog name!

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