La Vie Links

La Vie Links


  • Must-watch: Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman short film directed by Coppola for Opening Ceremony.
  • What your favorite author says about you.
  • Fairy tale endings: 2010-style.
  • A history of Obama feigning interest in mundane things.
  • A look at the disgusting ingredients that are in your cosmetics!
  • This moment makes me happy, too.
  • Adorably unlikely animal pals.
  • Hypocritical rappers.
  • The New York Times gives you steps to be happier.
  • Maybe I should just start planning for hitting the snooze button, like this blog does.


4 thoughts on “La Vie Links

  1. I´m sooo in love with 500 Days of Summer. Zooey and Joseph have such great chemistry and even when it wasn´t a love story, i loved it! Different but adorable! Loved Jason and Kirsten as well! They are great pals and i loved them together. Thanks for sharing all this stuff, doll! I enjoyed it very much! Peace! ;)

  2. I wasn’t able to access the “This moment” link. However I like all the other links, especially “What your favorite author says about you”.

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