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Style Icon: Kate Bosworth

She Got The Motion Of The Sea Of Love In The Air


Kate’s yet to do something that has made me fall in love with her acting skills. But, I have liked her in Remember the Titans, 21, and The Rules of Attraction. Also how can one not mention Blue Crush? She was too cute in it and the whole vibe of the movie was laid-back and manageable on the Rom-Com corniness.


Kate’s style can only be described as hippie hipster, or edged-out former surfer girl. Her style seemed to evolve parallel with her career. Back in the haze of Blue Crush, her style was simply California sunny chic.   But now as her move roles have become more serious, so has her taste in fashion.  She knows how to highlight a print by surrounding it with neutrals. She knows how to look like the quintessential Band-Aid when at Coachella, yet rock a Rodarte dress just the next night. Her versatility continues to surprise me.

ethic prints | florals | black basics | attention to detail

mosaic prints | layering | aviators | festival fashion


Apparently called heterochromia, her eyes are two different colors: brown and blue.

Are you inspired by Kate’s style?



Title from “Mom’s A Surfer” by G. Love & Special Sauce

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