Monthly Inspiration Boards

March 2010 Inspiration Board

[clockwise from top left corner]

1. .ALICE IN WONDERLAND. I went to the midnight premiere last night, so much more on this later.

2. .GREEN NAILS. By means of Chanel Jade.

3. .GREEN TEA. Traditional Arizona green tea or try Arnold Palmer green tea. Yum.

4. .GOING GREEN. This month Dani and roomie’s resolution is NO more plastic bags.

5. .MINT CUPCAKES. And these ones are Vegan, too.

6. .GREEN BOOTS. We’ve been seeing so much rain in Boston that I’d like a new pair of boots to cheer me up.

7. .GREEN CROCHET. This look is  from Diane Von Furstenberg’s Spring 2010 collection.

8. .PRETTY GREEN IRON. A la Paris…or more locally, Beacon Hill.

9. .CITY GARDENS. Like this one in Boston’s South End.

10. .BABY ANIMALS. The cutest part of spring.

11. .SEEING GREEN AGAIN. Give. Me. Spring.

12. .EDIE EARRINGS. My newly-found  favorite going-out accessory.

What’s inspiring to you this March?


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