La Vie Links

La Vie Links

[Kate Moss and Johnny Depp meeting Iggy Pop]

  • WATCH THIS six-year-old’s simple explanation of love.
  • I am wanderlusting.
  • Free People has officially made the ugliest shoes ever.
  • What kind of drug are you?
  • A cute video on wearing in your sparkling new Converse.
  • Um…why are these seven foods banned in the UK but not in the US?
  • W magazine is finally jumping on the faux fur bandwagon!
  • A photographer photographed one hill everyday and captured many adorable moments.
  • Public transportation triumphs are my favorite.
  • Gap was literally turned upside down as a marketing ploy.
  • The Berenstein Bears take on hipsters.


One thought on “La Vie Links

  1. how have i never found your blog before?!
    we’re kinda blog soulmates….we even have the same picture in our header!
    it’s so rare to find a blog that i flip through the past pages on.
    what a great collection – those are the absolute UGLIEST shoes I have EVER seen.
    luckily you juxtaposed them with the most beautiful travel shots ever.

    love&light and can’t wait to read more!

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