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With A Crown On My Head And My Denim Shirt


I’ve been on the market for a chambray shirt and/or dress for quite some time now. The item keeps popping up on many fashionable ladies. Alexa Chung, in particular, has worn the trend on several occasions, even pairing it with jeans for a blue-on-blue look.  Though I am not sure I could pull off this double dose of denim, the shirt trend alone is easy to pair with other basics as shown in the blue jean baby street style below.

1. ALEXA CHUNG tones down a bright blue American classic with all black and white. Do I spy an Animal House tee?

2. BLAKE LIVELY in a classic shirtdress shape with a denim twist.

3. JENNIFER GARNER pulls of chambray with a bunch of basics.

4. KATE BOSWORTH is summery and on-trend.

5. SIENNA MILLER wears her denim shirt as outerwear.

6. ALEXA CHUNG seems to be the ultimate trend fan. This time in a cute denim shift.

7. KATE BOSWORTH goes for shades of gray for her chambray.

8. VANESSA HUDGENS is Native American-inspired with fringe and turquoise.


Title from “Sad Peter Pan” by Smashing Pumpkins

5 thoughts on “With A Crown On My Head And My Denim Shirt

  1. I love Blake’s little dress…the lighter denims you’ve picked are very cute, I just pale at the “I’m wearing my bluejeans as a shirt” look. Don’t go there.

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