If you could travel anywhere in the world, what five cities would be on the top of your list?

Mine: 1. Barcelona

2. Venice

3. Mykonos

4. Marrakesh

5. Paris


[This picture is dedicated to my sweetest friend: Stephanie C. You know those people who always and only seem to have the interests of other people at heart first? Impossibly admirable.]

14 thoughts on “Wanderlusting

  1. Good answers- I am dying to go to Greece, so Athens. And Barcelona for sure….and Mumbai! And Sydney! Oh the list goes on .. :)

  2. damn i could not name a top five i need to see the entire world!!! so many amazing places to see so many amazing things to do. liz xxx

  3. I want to see the whole world too!

    But I’d like to see Sydney, Barcelona, Cape Town, Amsterdam, and Venice are the first things that popped out of my head.

  4. 1. Portland (best to start at home, right?)
    2. Paris (again, and with my little sister who wants to go so badly)
    3. Dublin (I just know Ireland and I are soul mates)
    4. Madrid (to brush up my Spanish)
    5. Florence (again, and after looking up A LOT about art)

    This was fun!

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