Monthly Inspiration Boards

April 2010 Inspiration Board

[clockwise from top left corner]

1. .BIKE RIDES. …All I have to do is buy a bike.

2. .EASTER. For dressing up, egg hunts, and family.

3. .AND BUNNIES. For being adorable.

4. .ALEXA CHUNG. Whose style I cannot get enough of.

5. .PATTERNED SNEAKERS. To spice up my newfound jeggings fixation.

6. .FROZEN YOGURT. Not fro-yo.

7. .DINING AL FRESCO. Sheer bliss.

8. .END OF TIGHTS SEASON. Time to bust out the sunless tanner.

9. .TURQUOISE PENDANTS. Just like Meryl’s in It’s Complicated.

10. .DAFFODILS. Finally in bloom.

11 .BEACH HOUSE. My current soundtrack.

12. .BUTTERFLIES. Too soon for the real thing, but love me a pretty pattern in the meantime.

What’s inspiring to you this April?


3 thoughts on “April 2010 Inspiration Board

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