There’ll Be No Concrete Just Green Trees



[my own]

The weather’s improved, the wardrobes are being adjusted accordingly, and my iced coffee no longer stands out as unseasonable. But there is still something missing: it’s April and the trees are still as bare as the day after Christmas. Turn green already!


Title from “In The Desert” by Ben Lee

9 thoughts on “There’ll Be No Concrete Just Green Trees

  1. Over here in BC it’s just the opposite. The trees are green but the weather’s still so cold!!! Love the post. Can’t wait for summer and picnics in the grass!

  2. It seems the trees around here have transformed over night. I am beside myself with giddyness at the sight of the roads being lined with white and pink petaled trees! I love your outfit there, it’s gorgeous!

    • I couldn’t agree more! By the time I posted this, I started to notice that they trees were starting to do their thing! Yay :)

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