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Her Skirt Began To Billow Until Her Feet Began To Lift



My friends will probably roll their eyes at this post. I’ve been known to overdo this trend a bit. Read: More often than not, I am found wearing some sort of high-waisted ensemble. Fortunately, the look is quite flattering, easy to pull off, and versatile enough to wear for day, night, or even on the job.


Going high-waisted by day is not only comfortable, but instantly and easily put together.

  • Wear them with basics.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.
  • Let your accessories downplay the look.


Wearing this trend out at night is my go-to look, because it’s easy to dress up or dress down.

  • Pair patterned skirts with a dressy top or blazer
  • Add a cinching belt to lend structure.
  • With such a comfortable silhouette, go daring with shoes.


Dating back to the era depicted by Mad Men, the high-waisted skirt is the perfect nine to five outfit.

  • Work with proportions, balancing a shorter skirt with a bigger top.


Title from “Esther” by Phish

4 thoughts on “Her Skirt Began To Billow Until Her Feet Began To Lift

  1. hey lady!
    thanks for the comment over on RWD!
    i’ll def keep an eye on your site and i’m now following you on twitter
    i love boston and spent my summers nannying there during college
    cheers to new fashionable friends – xo, RWD

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