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May 2010 Inspiration Board

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1. .SPRING AWAKENING. Mornings are so much easier with sun.

2. .FARMER’S MARKETS. Especially Haymarket in Boston.

3. .CINCO DE MAYO. Bust out the Margaritas and veggie burritos for tomorrow.

4. .MAY FLOWERS. Thanks to those miserable April showers.

5. .NATASHA KHAN. That voice and that style.

6. .OUTDOOR CONCERTS. May the dirty feet and sunburned shoulders commence.

7. .MEMORIAL DAY. Beach, BBQ, and not a speck of work in sight.

8. .BLUE SKIES. And pink sunsets.

9. .WEDGE SANDALS. Not painful, still cute.

10. .MAMAS. Home for one night and mine has already baked me cookies.

11. .YELLOW DRESSES. I’m on the hunt for one.

12. .FRECKLES. Welcome back, nose freckles.

What’s inspiring to you about May?


4 thoughts on “May 2010 Inspiration Board

  1. Trust me darling! I would prefer YOUR May inspiration ;) Though i can´t complain yet cause it´s still warm, i miss the warm smell of flowers and the outdoor concerts or the walks with not so heavy clothes. Anyway, dresses have no season for me. Those are available alllll year. Lovely inspiration, as usual ;) Peace!

  2. I can’t wait for summer and love the general feel of your inspiration board. May is currently very uninspiring to me… it’s snowing right now. *sigh*

    But I’ve taken up hooping and poi spinning so I’ll be ready when I can play outside… in my dresses lol

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