Future-Favorite-Band Series

The Future-Favorite-Band Series

There’s nothing better than hearing a song for the first time and knowing that this song, this album, this band is about to be the soundtrack to your near future.  So, I present to you: The Future-Favorite-Band Series.  Once a week in alpha-order, I’ll be posting about a band: photo, why they’re awesome, songs to start with, etc. The bands will be of varying levels of popularity. In other words, don’t be offended if a band you know and love shows up on the list. Pretentious music snobs are my number one enemy and I’m not trying to be one of them. The purpose of this series is to share bands that make me extremely happy and maybe you’ll happen to find some new favorites.

Check out the rest of The Future-Favorite-Band Series:

|| Intro || A || B || C|| D ||


3 thoughts on “The Future-Favorite-Band Series

  1. Just found your blog, looking forward to this, new music is my most favouritest thing. And like you, I cant stand music snobs – whats the point?

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