Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday.

What’s one thing that made you happy today?

For me: Caffeine addict chivalry. The Dunkin’ Donuts I frequented today ran out of medium-sized iced coffee cups right before my eyes. This is a tragedy for an uncaffeinated non-morning person facing an 8 hour work day. Enter stage left, a young corporate executive who had just ordered his own medium iced black. In a morning-making turn of events, he switched his beverage to hot coffee and told them to make mine instead in the last medium cup available!


10 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday.

  1. What luck with the coffee cup! ha

    One thing that made me happy today… finding a picture of me and part of my blog post on hooping.org ♥

  2. Wow! What a nice gesture, darling! Something like that and a great cup of coffee make my day! Beautiful pic of Marilyn btw! Hope you had a nice weekend. Peace!

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