Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday.


What’s one thing that made you happy today?

For me: Side-job extra cash for adventure funding. To unexpectedly good results, I started a new second job as a waitress last week. A) Friendly staff + basic pub menu=easy peasy training. B) Winning Red Sox games + good weather =friendly and generous customers. Factor in both parts of this equation and it’s clear why I’m not having a hard time getting used to this whole working two jobs again thing.


3 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday.

  1. I would be the worst waitress! I was in training for it once and was just embarrassingly bad. lol I ended up quitting to be a grocery bagger.

    One thing that made me happy today: buying and potting a cat palm tree with my husband.

  2. good for you! I FINALLY got official promoted to visual manager at my store today which means a more interesting position, consistent hours, more money and it also means that I’ll be able to finish paying off all my debt by the end of the year and start saving for more traveling! yayy!

    LOVE your blog by the way – always something cute!

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