I Don’t Recall a Single Care, Just Greenery and Humid Air


I’ve been a bit sporadic recently due to working up a storm. However in the time I’ve been away, my hair has been bearing a bit of a resemblance to the shots above. The humidity here in Boston has been unstoppable.

So I ask, what’s everyone’s weatherproofing secret?


Title from “Summer Skin” by Death Cab For Cutie

10 thoughts on “I Don’t Recall a Single Care, Just Greenery and Humid Air

  1. The most humidity I ever experienced was in Miami. I loved my curls and skin more than ever. Good hair and skin products essential of course.
    Happy Weekend!


  2. I have VERY Curly hair… and even the slight San Francisco humidity would send my hair into a new realm of frizzy hugeness.
    And then I dreaded my hair and I don’t have that problem anymore. :) My secret isn’t for everyone though…. <3

  3. oh man, i wish i could help! i have naturally wavy hair, and even though i live near the beach – the west coast doesn’t get humidity like you guys do! it’s so minimal in comparison.

    those two photos are gorgeous – i love rachel and diane! :)

  4. Wild and lovely, darling! I hate humidity but those shots are too beautiful. Of course they are just professional shots I doubt i´d look like that with humidity ;) Peace!

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