Monthly Inspiration Boards

June 2010 Inspiration Board

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1. .FRONT PORCH LIVING. Because that’s all I do.

2. .CUTOFFS. Because they’re growing on me.

3. .SUN-KISSED FRECKLES. Because they’re inevitable.

4. .THE TRILBY. Because it’s my next purchase.

5. .MY BIRTHDAY. Because it’s coming up on the 11th!

6. .PEACHY KEEN. Because this has been my favorite blush since high school.

7. .EYELET. Because it’s breezy.

8. .SUMMER MIXTAPES. Because it’s time to pick a summer soundtrack.


10. .AVIATORS. Because they make me feel cooler than I probably am.

11. .STRAWBERRIES. Because the season’s short and sweet.

12. .THE WORLD CUP. Because it’s fun to watch soccer…for about a week.

Happy June! [My favorite month].


2 thoughts on “June 2010 Inspiration Board

  1. All of this is so inspiring! That front porch living is dreamy! A day like that with a guitar and some strawberries would be perfect! I´m sure you´re busy with your Bday stuff, darling” Have fun! Peace!;)

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