Future-Favorite-Band Series

C Is For Coconut Records

If you like: She & Him, Ben Kweller, Rilo Kiley

Then let me introduce: Coconut Records

“I was the drummer in a band that you’ve heard of,” sings Jason Schwartzman, and that band was Phantom Planet. After ditching this role to pursue his acting career (thankfully), Schwartzman returned to the music scene with a much more clear-cut, poppy sound than his past band ever had. In two records, he churns out tracks that can be likened to the epitome of modern indie pop—friendly, re-playable, and hummable. In another leap from Phantom Planet, Jason went from strictly drumming to playing nearly all instruments on Coconut’s “records.” It’s a sound so sunny that at first it seems suitable only for your up moods; take another listen and the lyrics reveal themselves to be the smart, ironic lyrics only a Coppola actor could write.

Starter Kit:


“West Coast”

“Any Fun”

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7 thoughts on “C Is For Coconut Records

  1. Ah I adore Coconut Records, their music is so beautiful. Make me feel all dreamy and want to go on a picnic.
    lovely post
    love Cat

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