Summer Sprucing Part I


I don’t know about you, but my summer is in some serious need of some sprucing, which has got me in the activity-brainstorming mode.

Summer Sprucing Part I

1.Celebrate the little holidays.

Bastille Day (July 14): Wear your most Parisian stripes and skip the Kashi for a breakfast croissant.

Ice Cream Cone Day (July 23):  This one’s easily celebrated.

Julia Child’s Birthday (August 15): Take a cue from Julia and make something from scratch.

2. Take a class.

Think less Accounting 101,  and more Photography/Pilates/[insert desired talent here] 101.

3. Benefit from a clean room.

Detox your closet and sell the excess on Ebay. Can’t sell those ill-fitting jeans? Make jorts!

4. Send care packages.

Avoid wallowing in jealousy and send some love to friends abroad–be it Colorado or Costa Rica.

5. Be frugal without noticing.

Because really–who likes to feel cheap?


2 thoughts on “Summer Sprucing Part I

  1. These sprucing up tips are awesome! Thanks! My personal favorite is adventuring: whether it be to the lake, or backpacking through the mountains for a weekend. Plus it’s hard to spend money when there aren’t any places to do so!! :)

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