La Vie Links

La Vie Links


  • Vampire Weekend is having a bit of Contra-versy.
  • Big city silhouettes remind me of Lost In Translation.
  • Oh the things BP could’ve bought with the money they lost…
  • 20 things you have permission to do this weekend.
  • Seriously loving Nike’s new cultural campaign.
  • Sometimes there’s nothing better than a little passive aggressiveness.
  • Aha, even graffiti is going green.
  • Today’s in-your-face celebrities are a far-cry from  mysterious Old Hollywood.
  • Madatoms fills us in on predicting movie character deaths.
  • Rooftop houses, A-Line walls, and barn doors.
  • Stella Mccartney & PETA de-fur Buckingham Palace guard uniforms.
  • Improv Everywhere brings Star Wars to the Subway.

What links have been entertaining you this week? Do share.


One thought on “La Vie Links

  1. My mom and I were talking about the mystery of old movie stars just the other day! Her theory is that people lose their excitement and mystery when we have access to them all the time. When she was a kid, the only time you got to see your favorite singer was when they went on tour or happened to be on television (like, twice a year). I think that because we can have however much of them, whenever we want, through youtube or twitter or whatever, they lose their mystery.

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