Monday Playlists

Monday Playlist

1. “Brollo” by Jon Palmer & The New Complainers

2. “Plane Crash” by Andrea Ball [her blog]

3. “Four Dreams” by Jesca Hoop

4. “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons

5. “America” by Razorlight

6. “Hamilton Road” by Ducktails

7. “Madder Red” by Yeasayer

8. “Home Sweet Home” by Lady of the Sunshine

9. “For You” by Sharon Van Etten

10. “I Am Not A Robot [Passion Pit Remix]” by Marina and the Diamonds

Please recommend your current favorites; I need new music desperately!


4 thoughts on “Monday Playlist

  1. I live in NYC and recently went to the Ray LaMontagne/David Gray concert at Jones Beach and it was AWESOME. Obviously, always loved Ray, but truly became a Gray fan that night. I fell in love with “The One I Love” and “First Chance” by him, and Ray sang a brand new song called “Like Rock & Roll and the Radio” Here’s the link of it where he sang it at a prior concert…

    PS – Your blog makes me happy :)

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