Monthly Inspiration Boards

September Inspiration Board

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1. .BEGINNING OF FALL. Because it’s no secret I’m obsessed.

2. .MILITARY JACKETS. Because I live in one.

3. .AUTUMNAL COLORS. Because my wardrobe’s color tends to mirror nature.

4. .APPLES. Because they multitask (hard cider, pie, etc.)

5. .BACK TO SCHOOL. Because communications lectures are essentially conversations I have with friends…

6. .FALL MIXTAPES. Because roadtripping and long walks need background music.

7. .TV. Because DVR is making me better at it.

8. .BOOTS AND CLOGS. Because sandals are overrated.

9. .COOKING. Because stir-fry eventually gets old.

10. .FLANNEL. Because I’m slowly but surely amassing a flannel arsenal.

11. .IMPENDING FOLIAGE. Because ’tis almost the season.

12. .HEMPFEST. Because Boston has the second biggest in the world!

Happy September.


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