The Reminder

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It’s important to take a reality check sometimes. When reminded of all of the needs we have covered, it makes all of those wants and qualms less relevant. Continually guilty of this, I need to remember that all of the missed trains, failed quizzes, spilled drinks, canceled plans, coveted luck, and regretted actions are definitely not as life-shattering in hindsight.


6 thoughts on “The Reminder

  1. I loved the message, darling! You are so positive. I just LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing such great things that make me smile! Hope your vacations were as beautiful as they looked ;)

  2. THAT is wonderful. These are the things I need to remember every single morning of my life. When hard times come (and they hit this year), it is SO easy to lose sight of how INCREDIBLY FORTUNATE I am.

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